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Our Policies and Preventive Measures #Covid10

The present situation calls to make way for special means to handle the daily workings of our lives. We at Tea Pack do ensure that your teas are handled safely and packed hygienically.



Sanitzation: Utmost care is ensured that the premises where your order are executed are sanitized on a regular basis.


Maintaining Distancing at work: We ensure that all norms as laid down by the government of India are strictly followed.


Handling and Packing of Teas: We ensure that your teas are minimally processed by hand. Our international tea buyers are well aware how we ensure that cleanliness and safety is maintain when we pack. You may rest assured that the teas are 100% safe to consume once it reaches you.


Efforts by our Logistic Partners: Our logistic partners work under the guidelines laid by the local and central government policies and ensure that your parcel reaches you safely.

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