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strawberry tea

Strawberry Tea | 100gm (40-45cups)


Fruity Tea – Orange Tea | 100gm (40-45cups)

orange tea

Lemon Tea | 100gm (40-45cups)


A tea for those who love lemon flavour but do not want the flavour to be overwhelmed by the fragrance of the tea. a smooth sweet drink best suited as hot or as ice tea during the summers. A tea blended with natural sweetened lemon chunks with Darjeeling loose leaf teas.



  • Darjeeling first flush tea leaves (Grade: ftgfop1)
  • Dried Strawberry chunks (Organically grown)


Natural whole lemon, dried and blended with Darjeeling tea leaves to produce that tangy taste with Darjeeling black tea as a base for this organic fruity tea. Unlike normal lemon teas, this one has smooth taste and doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the tea. The taste of both the contents is felt distinctly and enjoyed both as a warm drink or served as ice tea for the summers.





Brewing tips:

  • For 200ml water we suggest 2g of tea (1 tea spoonful)
  • Bring the water temperature to a boil to about (75~85)°C
  • Add tea leaves to a cup / pot.
  • Steep for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Sieve and drink it hot. (Sugar addition not advisable)
  • This tea may be cold brewed and served a ice tea.

Additional information


Tea Type

Fruity Tea


No. of Cups


Brewing Tips

75°C-85°C | 200ml (Cup) | 2-2.5g(tea spoon) | 3-5 minutes

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