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Jasmine Green Tea | 100gm (40-45cups)

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Lavender Tea | 100gm (40-45cups)

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Pure organic Lavender Tea Blended with Darjeeling tea loose leaves.

  • Origin: Darjeeling, India
  • 100% Organic
  • Leaf Grade: FTGFOP1
  • Health Benefits – De-stress, Lowers Anxiety and aids in reducing mild pain.

Weight: 100g



A pure organic Darjeeling tea blend consisting of an organic lavender flowers and buds with the premium first flush Darjeeling loose leaf tea, making it the most fragrant floral cup. It has that subtle blend of floral character of the first flush tea along with the lavender aroma and spiciness of rich herbs and wild flowers. This tea can be served both as hot or as ice tea. A must have tea which has multiple flavour profile perfect for those who like to treat themselves.

Also to be noted that the other claimed benefits of Lavender is that it helps to reduce stress, lower anxiety and possibly reduce mild pain.




Brewing Tips:

  • Cool pre heated filtered water to about 80°C.
  • Add a tea spoon to a cup of water (200ml).
  • Steep for 3-4 minutes. ( Cover the lid of the vessel during steeping)
  • The tea may be enjoyed hot either with sugar or cooled to make an ice tea.

Additional information

Weight100 g

Tea Type

Floral Tea

Brewing Tips

75°C-85°C | 200ml (Cup) | 2-2.5g(tea spoon) | 2-3 minutes

No. of Cups



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