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Avongrove Darjeeling first flush 2020

AVONGROVE EUPHORIA – Darjeeling First Flush Tea | 50gm (20-25cups)


JUNGPANA CLONAL P312 – Darjeeling 1st Flush Tea | 50gm (20-25cups)

Jungpana p312 darjeeling first flush

JUNGPANA CLONAL – Darjeeling Autumn Flush Tea | 100gm (40-45cups)


  • Origin: Darjeeling, India
  • Type: Black Tea
  • Flush: Autumn Flush
  • Organic: 100%
  • Grade: SFTGFOP1


Resasons to buy: This tea is for those who are looking for subtle taste of citrus fruits added with natural floral frangrance. A pleasant smooth tasting liquor which leaves a sweet floral sensation in the palate and make you want for more. A bold tea with complex and deep taste.

Weight: 100g


Dry Tea Leaf:

Appearance: Tea leaves of this limited edition autumnal from the world famous Jungpana garden of Darjeeling are fragrant, fuller in size comprising of the golden tipped buds. Colour is a mixture of light and dark chocolaty brown delicately rolled, perfectly roasted, and has a natural floral notes of the Himalayas.

Fragrance: Dry leaves have a sweet floral fragrance coupled with fruity and musky notes.




Appearance: Brighter shades of sparkling sunset comparatively lighter liquor colour.

Fragrance: Fragrance of natural citrus and floral notes of the Himalayan orchids are dominant in the liquor which lingers for a while after the sip.

Flavour: Floral fragrance is dominant along with subtle taste of citrus fruits which is characteristic of autumn season tea. A pleasant smooth tasting liquor which leaves a sweet floral sensation in the palate. A faint floral aroma typical of the autumn season is noted as an aftertaste.


No. of Infusions suggested: 2


Additional information

Weight100 g

Tea Type

Darjeeling Tea, Single Estate Unblended Tea



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No. of Cups


Brewing Tips

90°C-95°C | 200ml (Cup) | 2-2.5g(tea spoon) | 3-4 minutes


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