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darjeeling green tea

Darjeeling Green Tea | 100gm (40-45cups)


Lavender Tea | 100gm (40-45cups)

Lavender tea

Jasmine Green Tea | 100gm (40-45cups)


The best organic floral blends with green tea to arrive from Darjeeling.

  • Origin: Darjeeling, India
  • Tea Type: Darjeeling Tea Blended with Jasmine petals
  • Organic: 100%
  • Tea Grade: FTGFOP1
  • Taste: Floral and fruity bouquet coupled with the distinct Darjeeling tea character.
  • Reasons to buy: A glimpse into the amazing taste of the Himalayas and top that with a range of  health benefits.

Weight: 100g


Description: One among the best organic blends of green tea to arrive from Darjeeling. This Jasmine green tea is blended with premium quality green tea for that added benefit along with sterilized petals of Jasmine making it one of the finest Jasmine tea found elsewhere. The dry leaves oozes a mix of Jasmine fragrance with that of ripe peach, dried apricots and ‘Chiku’ (A tropical fruit of India with sweet taste).


Liquor: The tea made from this Jasmine blend is highly aromatic with the tea liquor having hues something in between light greenish to faint yellow. The just brewed tea had a strong Jasmine flavor along with ripe peach like aromas but the tea tasted better as it cooled with the Jasmine flavor settling down a bit adding a nice sweet aftertaste with floral notes which was noted hours after the sip. The tea was not astringent as other Jasmine teas even after we brewed for 5 minutes. It is advisable to enjoy this tea as it cools.



Reasons to Buy: Pleasant relaxing effect of this tea along with other added benefits of green tea and jasmine makes this a must buy.


Brewing Suggestion:

  • For a cup (200ml) add 2gm of the tea
  • Bring the filtered water to 70°C to 80°C
  • Brewed for 3 to 5 minutes as per taste.
  • Serve hot. (It may be made into a delicious ice tea for the summers)


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Weight100 g


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